When Jesus Christ said to the men who became His disciples, “Follow me”, He wasn’t calling only them: He was calling all people to follow Him and live the fullest life possible!

Our study of the Gospel according to St. Mark will help you learn about the life of Jesus, and learn more about how you can grow in your relationship with God and His Church, and become everything God intends for you to be!

Follow Me, the first of our Orthodox Christian Bible studies, is a set of twenty two-page handouts covering all sixteen chapters of the Gospel according to St. Mark, as well as covering the introduction.

Please note that this year we are adding a Pre-Teen Category, ages 10-12.

Age Groups:
Pre-Teens 10-12
Teens 13-19*
Adult 20 and above
*The diocese of the West has two teen categories, ages 13-15 and 16-19

All questions will come from the Gospel of Mark as found in the Orthodox Study Bible (available from Ancient Faith Publishing (http://store.ancientfaith.com/orthodox-study-bible) and other fine bookstores).